Newsletter 2021

Update from Chair Joan Wignall

Dear HOMELINK supporters,

The HOMELINK team is made up of paid staff and volunteers who are all devoted to our cause and spend many hours making sure that as many people as possible who are homeless, or facing homelessness in Lewes District, can be helped.  As we all know, this has been made …



Update from Gary Brettle Client Manager

Was it not Bob Dylan who said that ‘Times are a changing’? That has certainly been the case in the HOMELINK office so far this year – both from a staffing perspective and also the changing climate within the housing rental sector, too.

Our well-liked and highly respected Client Manager, Pippa Grace …


HOMELINK welcomes new trustee

HOMELINK is delighted to welcome Hugh Jones to the finance team. Following the departure of former Treasurer, John Howes, who has successfully stewarded HOMELINK’s finances over the past eight years, Hugh will now take the lead for HOMELINK’s financial governance.



“HOMELINK saved my life”

Thanks to our supporters, funding partners, Lewes District Council and our local district churches, we’ve continued to help those in crisis into housing by providing 80 loans to date so far this year …



Our Campaigns

Raising awareness of the impact of local homelessness in our communities is an important part of our work. Please get involved and support our latest campaign within your workplace, school or college, community or faith group.

Churches & Faiths

HOMELINK’s roots are based in a Christian organisation, having been formed by Churches Together organisations in Lewes, Newhaven and Seaford. We extend a warm welcome to our charity to supporters from all faith groups and churches. Learn more about our history here.

Leave us a gift in your will

Leaving HOMELINK a gift in your will is an easy way to make a meaningful contribution to a cause you care about and will make a positive impact on the homeless for generations to come.

Attend a fundraising event

All HOMELINK events are publicised on our website here and in the local press. Most churches in Lewes District have a HOMELINK representative who can tell you more about events, too.