HOMELINK celebrated its 20th Anniversary in style at the recent Annual Meeting which, this year, was held at the Phoenix Centre in Lewes. Music and refreshments started the meeting, followed by a brief ceremony in which twenty tea lights surrounding the anniversary cake were lit, while Joan told the story of HOMELINK. John Howes reported that 95 new tenancies and 40 small grants were facilitated in 2018, contrasting this with the single figure tenancies in the first years of HOMELINK’s work. Pippa outlined the many changes she had encountered in her first year including the Homelessness Reduction Act and roll-out of Universal Credit in Lewes District, all of which has been against a background of increasing homelessness in the South East and decreasing budgets for councils. We were given a preview of the new logo and website and heard about the making of a series of films about HOMELINK, with thanks going to our tenants and student film-makers for their involvement. We heard from a number of guest speakers, with a final word from Peter Field, the Lord Lieutenant, asking everyone present to ‘keep going’ and to support HOMELINK in bringing back strong community links. A full description pf the meeting can be found here Documents for Downloading