The Enjoolata Foundation has recently awarded HOMELINK a £40k grant to help HOMELINK directly assist clients impacted by the cost of living crisis.

The generous offer of support from Enjoolata will enable HOMELINK to expand its traditional small grants scheme, for the current year, to offer dedicated support to clients and applicants who are in crisis and need emergency assistance to cope with issues such as heating, fuel and food poverty.

HOMELINK’s applicants and clients are amongst the most vulnerable in the community and already experiencing the brunt of the UK’s deepening financial difficulties. Many face the predicament of deciding whether to feed themselves, pay bills, or heat their homes.

Enjoolata’s funding will mean HOMELINK can offer direct assistance to clients and applicants in obvious food, fuel or transportation crises by offering ‘Micro Emergency Grants’ to address immediate need.

HOMELINK ‘Enjoolata energy grants’ will also enable the team to help referred and existing clients who move into homes stripped of carpets, curtains or blinds. This BBC news item sets the scene of the conditions many renters face when moving into new properties: Preston: Families left with bare floors as ex-tenants told to rip out carpets – BBC News

Enjoolata’s energy grants will help make these homes warmer and better insulated. Additional ‘First Home Set Up and Movers Grants’ will also be available for clients struggling to afford the basics to set-up in their new homes.

‘The funding provided by Enjooalta is quite literally a godsend allowing us to allocate support where it is most needed in the community,’ said HOMELINK’s Client Manager, Gary Brettle.

‘Applicants and clients are already being helped in ways we have not previously been able to.

‘The small grants have delivered a great impact so far and will be even more welcomed as summer draws to an end and the cost of living crisis continues.’

HOMELINK wishes to thank The Enjoolata Foundation for this latest pledge, which will enable our team to deliver ‘front-line’ support where it is most needed. We expect this to be a lifeline for many this winter.