The HOMELINK team is delighted to announce that key funding has been secured to help cover the operational costs of its service and provide small grants to vulnerable 16 to 25 year-olds. This is all thanks to significant pledges from The Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust, the Enjoolata Foundation and the Homity Trust.

The Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust (EKCT) pledged £40k of funding earlier this year and set up a £20k ‘challenge fund’ to help HOMELINK secure further funding from other trusts and foundations. The trust will do this by match funding any amounts over £1k secured from other partners. EKCT has been a key partner to HOMELINK over the past four years providing nearly £100,000 in financial support; this assistance has been invaluable in enabling our service to grow and meet the increase in demand we have faced in recent years.

The Enjoolata Foundation has also recently awarded £10k of funding to HOMELINK. ‘Enjoolata’ means the joy felt when something concealed is revealed – and the HOMELINK team is overjoyed at the £10k of support which, match-funded by EKCT, which means £20k of support can now be made available for our service.

Our latest funding partner is The Homity Trust, a wonderful Sussex-based trust that has pledged £1k of funding for our small grants programme that helps the financially vulnerable access the household essentials most of us take for granted. Thanks to this support and match-funding from EKCT, £2k of funding will be set aside to specifically assist the increasing number of vulnerable young people who are without home basics such as a bed, cooker or sofa.

Our heart-felt thanks go to all partners for their amazing support of our work and services. We are truly grateful.