HOMELINK is seeking to recruit a trustee who would act as the charity’s Honorary Treasurer.

Working with Lewes District Council (LDC) and other agencies we offer interest-free loans to cover the deposit and rent in advance, to help those who LDC has no duty to house into private rented accommodation. The role of treasurer is a key appointment at this time as HOMELINK continues to grow in line with local demand for our service.

HOMELINK is a friendly team passionate about assisting the most vulnerable in our community into housing. We currently have 11 trustees with a varied range of skills and experience, five members of staff (part-time) and are supported by a group of dedicated volunteers.

As a full member of the Board of Trustees, the Treasurer acts as the Board’s principal financial adviser, and ensures that accurate and up-to-date financial records are maintained.  This role is fully supported by a part-time (paid) financial assistant/bookkeeper.

Our aim is for the next Treasurer to be appointed as a trustee in the Spring, to allow plenty of time for handover and to get to know the workings of HOMELINK.

Could you or someone you know help us with this role – or any part of it?  For more information, please contact secretary@leweshomelink.org.uk or treasurer@leweshomelink.org.uk.