Pippa Grace, HOMELINK’s Service Manager, along with daughters Tilly and Claudia rocked around the clock on New Year’s Eve and raised an incredible £3055 for HOMELINK’s #homes4families campaign.

Pippa Singing

Singing sensation – HOMELINK’s Pippa Grace in action

Pippa and her family, who intended to organise a fun run over the festive period, tested positive for Covid-19 two days before Christmas. Determined not to have their fundraising wings clipped, the ladies changed plans and opted to use their isolation period to help raise funds and awareness for the growing local homelessness crisis.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in people seeking HOMELINK’s help during the Coronavirus pandemic so it was a big disappointment to not be able to do our fun run and help fundraise this year, especially since the charity’s fundraising has been so hampered by Covid” Pippa said.

“We needed an alternative idea that we could do at home, we didn’t have to train for and would be lots of fun. We love singing and dancing so the marathon ticked all our boxes. It was so easy to organise, too.”

By setting up a Just Giving fundraising page the ‘three Graces’ were able to share the link with friends and family and tell them what they were doing and why; loved ones could then track their progress and donate directly to the fundraiser.

The ladies started their song and dance marathon at 12pm on New Year’s Eve and performed continuously for 24 hours finishing on New Year’s Day. The secret to their staying power?

“We were prepared with pre-booked curries, a table full of sugar and snacks, and plenty of New Year’s bubbles. Wild wigs and lots of costume changes also kept us going – and laughing, too” explained Pippa.

“For the graveyard shift we took it in turns singing and dancing away in our nighties! Waves through the window from friends and neighbours really spurred us on as well.”

Pippa's daughter in a white wig

Wild wigs and costume changes kept things fun

A radio interview with BBC Sussex presenter, James Cannon, shortly before the ladies completed their marathon on New Year’s Day also helped take minds off tired feet. Exhausted but elated when they finally finished, Pippa and her daughters admitted they were stunned by the amount they had raised. Claudia told us:

“We’re terrible singers and terrible dancers but that didn’t stop us. We’re so proud to have done this and raised what we have. £750 was our original fundraising target! It was so easy to organise and amazing fun – we so hope it will inspire others our age to do the same.”

Tilly said: “My sister and I are both students and see street homelessness every day where we live. We really wanted to raise money for a charity like HOMELINK that’s helping to prevent people ending up on the streets. We love the fact that every pound we have raised will be recycled to help others over an indefinite period of time – this money will go a long way.”

The HOMELINK team are so grateful to Pippa, Tilly and Claudia for their fantastic fundraising achievement – what a start to 2021 and the #homes4families campaign.

With in-person events postponed for the foreseeable future, we will be reliant upon independent fundraising activities this year to help us reach our 10k #homes4families campaign target.

For anyone interested in running a similar fundraising event for HOMELINK, please get in touch. We have some simple guidelines to help set-up a Just Giving page along with lots of fundraising event ideas if needed.

Contact: homelink.lewes.ado@gmail.com

Click HERE to listen to Pippa’s interview with James Cannon on Radio Sussex (you’ll find the interview at 1h 38m 45sec).