Over the summer, Client Manager Gary Brettle and the HOMELINK team were deeply moved to have received a thank you card from HOMELINK client, Will C.

Will was helped over twenty years ago with a life-changing loan to move into a flat in Newhaven. As a result of our assistance, for the past two decades, this gentleman has had the opportunity to live independently. He has now moved to a local nursing home which makes his gratitude for our support all the more poignant.

His card reads:

Dear Gary,
It is twenty years since the kindness and generosity of your colleagues enabled me to move to an independent flat in Newhaven, a change which vastly improved my quality of life and peace of mind.
Much appreciated, many thanks,
love from Will.

It is always touching and very special to receive feedback from past clients and hear of the big long-term difference HOMELINK’s service makes to people’s lives. It is also important to the HOMELINK team that we are able to share this feedback with our supporters so you are aware of the great impact your support makes to the lives of so many people in our community. Thank you for helping us deliver our vital service.