Thanks to your support and the work of our incredible Service Manager Pippa Grace and her team, we’ve continued to help families and individuals into housing during a time of unprecedented hardship.

Here are just a few of the wonderful testimonials we have received from our clients during this time which we are delighted to be able to share with you:

“At the beginning of this horrible pandemic the world is dealing with, back in March when the UK went into frightening lockdown, my little 2-year-old girl and I lost our home.  We had nowhere to go and no one to call on. There was no community around us, there was truly nothing.

“Everyone had disappeared and I felt shattered.  I felt like I had failed as a mother to my daughter – I just wanted some assured safety for my child and a roof over her head.  My friend very kindly took us in and kept us safe for a short time. Thank goodness we weren’t on the streets during the lockdown. 

Mum and babies“I was very stressed and very panicked. I had no idea what I was going to do or where we were going to end up.   I had no money to my name and when I finally heard from the Council they said it might be a five year wait for a Council property unless I went private. But people like me (a single parent) just don’t have the money for a month’s upfront rent and deposit lying around.

“Then I had the fortune to get a call from a lovely lady called Pippa who explained how HOMELINK can help people like me.  Her support was AMAZING!!! So easy to deal with – there were then no stressful moments at all and everything soon worked out positively.  A massive burden lifted off my shoulders and my little girl and I are now in a home. That wouldn’t have happened without HOMELINK – thank you!”


My family was broken apart by domestic abuse; I ended up in a Women’s Refuge without my children. HOMELINK’s help and support has without a doubt been the thing that enabled both my children to be back home with me, to be a family once again.   When I broke the news to my son that his sister could now come back from foster care to live with us, his eyes lit up like they haven’t for a year. I am indebted to you that they will have their strong happy mummy back. I feel like owe you my life. Your help is what’s given us the chance for an amazing fresh start – I feel alive and happy again with my beautiful children right by my side.”


Children at the WindowFollowing a four year period living and working abroad I found myself in a difficult situation.  I was starting all over again in the UK at the start of Covid, as a single father with two children. HOMELINK gave me and my two boys the best possible helping hand we could find in such trying times. The organisation are truly amazing at what they do and what they provide. Anyone seeking help will be dealt with the upmost professionalism and care.”  


I was living at home with my two-year-old little boy. Living in that property were also my Mum and my two brothers – it was just so overcrowded! I was told by my local Council I could be waiting five years plus for a home.  Luckily I was referred to HOMELINK and they were absolutely amazing and just so supportive.

I am now renting a 2 bedroom property and we couldn’t be happier. May I add I received my keys for the property not even 2 weeks after getting in touch with the charity.  Thank you so much.”