Thanks to our supporters, funding partners, Lewes District Council and our local district churches we’ve continued to help those in crisis into housing by providing 80 loans to date so far this year. Here is just some of the feedback we’ve received from clients over the past six months sharing how our support has helped make a big difference to their lives.

Thank you to HOMELINK for helping me get out of living in my car for over a year. I was homeless after a relationship breakdown, finding myself with nowhere to go. I went to the Council for housing help but was told I was not a priority. I struggled through two winters in the car, often not feeling my feet in the mornings and crying at night. The very helpful lady at HOMELINK saved my life. She kept in regular contact with me through this crisis and luckily a flat came up. Within 5 days the loan from HOMELINK was made and I was finally free. Without HOMELINK’s advice and help I couldn’t have done it. AL

I would like to thank HOMELINK for their compassion and understanding. As a mature woman of 70, I unfortunately found myself threatened with homelessness due to a relationship breakdown. HOMELINK were the lovely people who helped me. Thanks to them I now have my own home to feel safe and happy in. CM

HOMELINK is an amazing charity that helps people to move without the stress of finding the upfront move-in costs. For a lot of low income families that amount of money takes a long time to save up. Me and my 1 year old daughter were in an emergency B&B, but the accommodation wasn’t just for families.  There were all sorts of addicts living there and I didn’t feel safe. HOMELINK helped with it all. That financial stress was taken away so I could move with my daughter and feel safe again. The repayments are affordable and worth it. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their help. LF

 I was in a very difficult situation. I was a disabled single mum, served with a no-fault Section 21 and facing homelessness. Without support from HOMELINK, I would have had no choice but to stay where I was until I was evicted by bailiffs and then put in emergency accommodation. But because of HOMELINK, I am going to be moving to a safe, secure flat and my son won’t ever have to know how close we came to losing everything. HW

 The help and communication from the HOMELINK team have been amazing. Without them me and my little boy would be homeless on the street. I’m so pleased to be part of what they do – helping others is the best, knowing that the money we repay each month will go to another family in need makes it all worthwhile! SP

We were living in a house that had a terrible damp problem that couldn’t be rectified and we were so worried about our children’s health. We were desperate to move but just didn’t have the upfront funds needed. Luckily we were told about HOMELINK. We have now just moved in to a lovely warm, dry house If it wasn’t for HOMELINK our children would still be sleeping in a damp and mouldy bedroom so I will eternally grateful. I & JW

HOMELINK assisted myself, my partner and our 2 year old daughter in securing a new flat. My partner had lost all of his work due to COVID-19. Without HOMELINK, we would’ve remained crammed in a single room in a flat-share. HOMELINK gave a low-income family such as ours a chance to move on with our lives and gain independence. Our quality of life is improving and as is my mental health. I can’t thank HOMELINK enough. AS

HOMELINK has helped me and my partner out amazingly with a deposit and rent in advance; plus they helped us with a furniture grant for our property. HOMELINK has made such a difference to our lives. SW