Our Campaigns

#homes4homeless Gala

In 2019 we celebrated our 20th Anniversary with a #homes4homeless fundraising Gala at Glyndebourne Opera House.

The event was a celebration of Sussex talent, featuring operatic greats, world-class musicians, community choirs, young performers and VIP presenters – Steve Coogan, Eddie Izzard, Katie Derham, Zoe Lyons, Man Booker prize winner Anna Burns, Simon Fanshawe, Nimmy March, Toby Stephens and Sophie Okonedo.

Local businesses and national brands supported the Gala, as did staff from HMP Lewes, who formed a choir especially for the event in recognition of the work we do to support homeless men released from the prison into housing.



Families who have lost their home and parents separated from their children because of their housing situation make up a significant proportion of HOMELINK clients.

The life-changing benefits that a permanent home provides for family life, relationships, education and employment, as well as children’s physical and mental wellbeing, is at the heart of #homes4families, a fundraising and public awareness campaign launched by HOMELINK.

To launch the campaign, we ran ‘Home is where the craft is’ a community craft challenge and online fundraising auction.

Download our leaflets for more information on the campaign and fundraising ideas.

Please help HOMELINK help homeless families into housing by:

Making a donation

Holding a fundraising event

Supporting #homes4families on social media

Your contributions help us to provide interest-free loans for parents to access a safe and secure privately rented new home, without having to move away from friends and schools, giving children continuity of community, education and healthcare.

Loans are paid back at a rate that families can afford and repayments fund further loans, creating a sustainable cycle of giving that helps prevent homelessness and empowers parents to take responsibility for their family’s future.

Our #homes4families fundraising is supported by a grant from The Lewes Fund


Corporate Partners

A leaflet for businesses and brands about our #homes4families campaign

A-Z fundraising ideas for Corporate Partners

From organising your own charity auction, to a ZZZ office sleep-out, this leaflet has lots of ideas.

Schools & Colleges

A leaflet for teachers, students and parent fundraisers about our #homes4families campaign.

AtoZ Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Colleges

From an arts & crafts fair, to an X-factor Gala, over 50 fun ideas for raising awareness and donations.