We think the best way to help you understand the impact of what we do is to share with you what HOMELINK has meant to some of our clients.

“Thanks to the wonderful service you offer I am writing this sitting in my new flat. Something that I never thought possible, as the Council told me I was not considered vulnerable even though I was homeless, jobless, recently released from prison and in recovery from alcoholism.

I didn’t know what to do next, but I was aware that you helped people like me to get into accommodation and now less than 4 weeks after our first meeting I have got the flat. I was treated with respect and kindness, and never felt judged once.”

“I am a mother of a 27 year old son who has been through a lot of traumas in his life. Recently he became homeless and had only his car to sleep in. It was beyond my income to put down a deposit or even sign as a guarantor for him. The stress and anxiety all this caused us was devastating, until we were informed of HOMELINK.

I’ve not seen my boy smile for such a long time and I don’t mean just his mouth smiling – his eyes now mirror his smile. You have given me back my faith in humanity. I cannot explain how much it has meant to us that my son has a roof over his head and a fresh start, and what amazing people you are to do this. You have given my son his dignity and independence back. I am forever in your debt.”

“I never thought that I would find myself at risk of homelessness – I have worked hard all my adult life, but mental health issues led me to finding myself without a job and in emergency accommodation, all in the space of 8 months. Slowly, I am putting my life back together.  Without HOMELINK I would almost certainly still be there, facing a minimum wait of 2 years for a place that I could call home.

The effect on my health is not something that I even want to consider. I was supported throughout, and they gave me the confidence to try and solve my own housing problems. My repayments are realistically set and affordable and I go to bed every night now, with the peace of mind that having my own home  – and my own front door – brings.”

“HOMELINK have been a saviour to me. I was living in a women’s refuge a long way from my children. I had maintained myself on state benefits without help from friends or family. Without HOMELINK’s help I wouldn’t have been able to move into a flat very near my children, and so to take up a job offer at East Sussex County Council.

HOMELINK are generous, kind and empathetic and actually listen to people who are in genuine need.”

“I am 59 and found myself in a situation which became so dark that I was close to suicide. I was close to homelessness. HOMELINK’s work is invaluable – they not only offered financial help, in my case they spoke words of encouragement and gave emotional help when I was in an intolerable state of mind. Pippa’s humanitarian attitude is without question so heartwarming. She has given me light at the end of the tunnel and a forward-looking outlook.

Without HOMELINK I’m sure I would have been on the streets. All my possessions including two cats would have gone forever. I feel honoured to write this testimonial.”

“After spending 10 years in prison I was released in November 2017 and was a resident in various Probation hostels for five months. I was referred to HOMELINK by my mentor Mark at Sussex Pathways. I don’t actually know if HOMELINK know what that loan meant to me, as without it I was on the verge of being recalled to prison because I was about to be made homeless from the Probation Hostel. With your help I now have a lovely studio apartment, have settled in and am now able to slowly start to rebuild my life. I wish to thank everyone at HOMELINK for the help and support that I was given. I am a testament of how you are helping to change lives.”

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